Copenhagen Bombay was founded in 2006 by film producer and CEO Sarita Christensen. The objective of the company’s productions is to create original content for children and young people. Copenhagen Bombay is versatile and talent-oriented, and works with a wide range of projects. All its productions are based on the following merits: originality, staying power, creativity, humor, knowledge, ownership and – not least of all – high-quality stories. Regardless of the platform, it is Copenhagen Bombay’s intention that all its stories captivate the audience on the strength of their relevance and originality.


CoBoStories’ learning universe is developed by Copenhagen Bombay Learning, which for many years has created numerous children’s-TV universes for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s ’Ramasjang’ and animated feature films, as well as play-and-learn universes for young kids – everything from dolls to books to educational games. Copenhagen Bombay Learning has developed CoBoStories in collaboration with kindergartens in the municipality of Rudersdal, Herlev and Thisted, the municipality of Copenhagen, and the teachers’ union, BUPL. CoBoStories has also been tested in 53 day-care centers. The University of Southern Denmark has been in charge of follow-up research that has shown the story box to be an ideal play-and-learn tool with which the children create their own cultural art. When working with digital stories coupled to physical elements, the kids use their body in being creative. Thus, their learning process is physically anchored, which is a particularly ideal educational, didactic form of learning.

CoBoStories strengthen the child’s cognitive understanding of the story’s different components, as well as the way in which a digital story is created. This is what happens when kids play and learn in CoBoStories’ storytelling universe.


Copenhagen Bombay Learning is one of the company’s four mainstays: Learning, Production, Sales and the bureau Holy Cow.




The vision of Copenhagen Bombay Learning is to stimulate the naturally curious child to stay curious and to motivate curiosity so the child’s skills are strengthened in the direction of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Copenhagen Bombay Learning enhances the child’s choices for working imaginatively with storytelling ideas, which is essential for the child’s motivation and ability to seek, record and develop new knowledge on his/her own.

It is the wish of Copenhagen Bombay Learning to play a qualified and indispensable role in Danish educational initiatives that focus on strengthening the child’s development in terms of reading, as well as media and information skills. According to the Danish Education Act, these skills must be integrated in all school subjects.

The Copenhagen Bombay Learning team

Maria Lundedal Møller

Project leader and course coordinator for CoboStories at Copenhagen Bombay Learning. M.A. in media science. Former producer for the Danish National Radio’s (DR) Children & Young People’s Division. Has experience with the development of children’s content for TV programs, as well as project leadership in the implementation of apps and websites.