Medical and psychology practice

CoboStories is a storytelling universe where kids can create their own stories on their own terms. From a professional standpoint, CoboStories is interesting to work with therapeutically because the storytelling process and CoboStories’ creative universe give the child the chance to be grounded in his/her own story while hiding the fact that it is the child’s own story. By animating and narrating ’the girl’ into a universe and telling the girl’s story, for example, the child can maintain a distance between him/herself and the story, allowing the child to talk about ’the girl’s illness’ or ’the girl’s loneliness’ or fears, etc. In this way the child’s story can be relevant in therapeutic treatment, and makes it possible to maintain a dialogue based on the child’s story instead of the child him/herself.

The Danish National (Evangelical Lutheran) Church school service

CoboStories is currently in the process of developing biblical stories in creative universes for use by kids and young people in church congregations. The idea is to be able to use the biblical stories in various contexts in the Church’s school service.