The Water Cycle


The Water Circuit is a workshop where CoboStories comes to your school. Together we create a workshop where students learn about storytelling and about the Water Circuit. The Water Circuit can be made with pupils in the 1st through 6th grade.

CoboStories provides:

Wallpapers, shapes, content, tripods, tablets and instructors that guide you throughout the day. The content is allowed to keep after the day is over and all films are subsequently made available so that you can show them out.

Materials we get to usein the work:
Soil Layer, Outlet, Toilet, Cleanser, Man Drinking

Clouds, raindrops, molecules, arrows

Water drop

What are you going to deliver?
You must have: internet access, scissors and tuscher
You also need to deliver good spirits as well as students and teachers, who want a fun, exciting experience!
You must prepare content for the subject if something specific is to be reviewed.

The water of planet Earth is part of a large circuit. All water is part of this. Scientists believe all water on earth has been here for 3.8 billion years. There is a high probability that the water you brushed your teeth in this morning has at some point also been drunk by a dinosaur! One molecule in the water that is in you right now may well have been many other places before it got into you! It may have been in the sea a million years ago, in a dinosaur 60 million years ago – or in the toilet last year!

In this class, you’ll learn how to describe the water cycle as an animation film. The water rains down, is absorbed or evaporating. The water flows down through the soil layers or is used as drinking water or perhaps in the toilet before eventually it ends up in the sea again where the sun can evaporate it and start the orbit over.

So how does the water cycle work? And where does the water actually come from? What states can water be in? What color does water have – and what does a cloud weigh? We need to show the whole process as a movie. How complicated you’ll describe it’s entirely up to you


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