You often visit the library to seek new knowledge, discover a good story or learn about a particular topic. CoboStories offers a linkage between physical knowledge and storytelling. Now, children have the possibility to connect their newly found knowledge into a story through the CoboStories book and film workshop.

The child becomes extra aware of the story’s construction and drives through the process of physically moving his/her characters around, to create the planned narrative process. Thus, the child is encouraged to “mediate” its idea and story into a new media, where their narrative gets a new meaning. This makes the child aware of his/her own learning, which creates an ideal form of learning, seeing that learning is persistent.


Once you open CoboStories story box containing a book and film app, you open up to a creative and magical world, in which your child can play and make his/her own narrative. The CoboStories universe is entirely open and your child sets the limits of the stories. CoboStories have no fixed answers, no specific route to follow and there is no course to finish as in many other games. Instead, your child may immerse itself in his/her own creative process and develop narratives that support your child’s knowledge about itself and the world about it.  Working and playing with the narratives in open universes expands your child’s ability to tell a story, it opens your child’s empathy, linguistic, creativity and abilities of abstraction – it allows for the child to create its own cultural footsteps in the world.

It’s fun to play with your child in CoboStories narrative universe, and later it’s fun to watch the child unfold his/her own stories independently.


Medical and psychological practices

CoboStorries is a narrative universe, where children can create their own stories on their own terms. From a professionally view CoboStories is interesting to work with therapeutically because both the narrative process and the creative universe allow for the child use his/her own story as a starting point whilst hiding both for itself and for the outside world that it’s the child’s own story. By animating and narrating the “girl” per se into a narrative universe and telling the “girl’s” story, the child has the opportunity to have an arm’s length on his/her own story.  Thus leaving the child the opportunity to tell about the ”girl’s” illness, about the “girl’s” loneliness, about the “girl’s” anxiety etc. Based on the child’s story it is possible to continue working therapeutically and the possibility of maintaining a dialogue based on the child’s narrative, rather than on the child itself.

The school service of the national church

CoboStories is in the process of developing biblical narratives in creative universes for children and youth to play within Danish congregations. The idea is that the biblical narratives can be used in the different contexts of the school services.

The film workshop

CoboStories’ Film workshop: Make your own small animated films with CoboStories’ Film workshop. The method is simple. Find a story you would like to tell in a stop-motion film. It’s okay to seek inspiration in the stories or fairy-tales you already know. When you’re ready to tell your story, you can make a background, then choose the figures or things you wish to animate. Begin moving your objects a bit at a time, taking a picture after each move, and voilà – suddenly you have a moving picture. Furthermore, you can make pixelation, where you use your own body to make your stop-motion film.


The Film workshop is a production tool that can be used by children of all ages, though it is especially aimed at 3- to 12-year-olds. The film workshop is easy to use, which means kids can use the app intuitively, with a very brief introduction. The film universe offers children a platform on which they can create their own aesthetic film stories, and where they can record their narration and apply a soundtrack of evocative music. The film universe can also be utilized in natural science and mathematics to build professional skills.

The book workshop

CoboStories’ Book workshop: Make your own picture- and sound books with CoboStories’ Book workshop. You can tell your own story in pictures and sound about anything thing that interests you. Creating your own stories and books also improves your reading and writing skills. You can take pictures, draw and write your story, and then record your story in your own voice.

The Book workshop is a play- and learning app that suits the individual child’s level and interest in playing and learning. Its universe is intended for children between the ages of 2 and 10. The app can be used in kindergartens and nursery schools, where the teachers can help the kids set a framework for their playing and learning with the book workshop.

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