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A magical narrative universe for children 

CoboStories is an interactive play-and-learning universe focusing on the story. CoboStories is developed in collaboration with children, pedagogues and teachers all over Denmark since 2010. CoboStories is a story box bursting with a whole world of magical elements for inspiration and development of children’s creativity and curiosity.

In the story-box you will find a book and film workshop app, an animation stand for the tablet with backgrounds and characters as well as physical workshop cards that invite to playing, learning and narrative – all of which are adapted to the relevant age and level of the children in question.

Seven good arguments for CoboStories

  • CoboStories form a creative framework within which children can develop their stories.
  • When children tell stories themselves, they understand their stories as a construction.
  • When children create stories, it strengthens their empathy.
  • Children make their own aesthetic and cultural footprint.


  • CoboStories create a foundation for working with all the themes found in the educational curriculum.
  • CoboStories strengthen children’s reading and media skills, and the ability to use digital platforms.


  • CoboStories matches all the skills focused on in the 21st Century Learning Skills.