A Magical Storytelling Universe for Children

CoboStories is an interactive play-and-learn universe with focus on the story, developed with and for children aged 2 to 10, and their teachers. CoboStories is a story box, bursting at the seams with an entire world of magical elements aimed at inspiring and developing children’s creativity and curiosity. The story box contains two apps (the Book Workshop and Film Workshop), as well as an animation stand with backgrounds and figures to stimulate playing, learning and storytelling.


CoboStories is a digital learning concept, developed for day-care institutions and the introductory period of formal education in Denmark where, instead of simply receiving an education, children take part in forming it

Via play, innovation and creativity, children develop personal and professional skills, aided by the two CoboStories apps.


The objective of CoboStories is to let kids do the active creating themselves, thereby strengthening their inventiveness, imagination, linguistic and social skills, their desire to implement an idea and the enjoyment of storytelling – all of which are capacities that the themes of educational learning plans are designed to encourage. Cultivated as well are skills such as innovation and entrepreneurship, which are essential parameters in the workplace of the future.

Seven Good Arguments for COBOSTORIES

Children love stories, and the stories become magical and immediate when children are able to involve pictures, sound and drawings in combination with their own storytelling voice. As a form of learning, it’s an eye-opener for kids.

    • CoboStories form a creative framework within which children can develop their stories.


    • When children tell stories themselves, they understand their stories as a construction.


    • When children create stories, it strengthens their empathy.
    • Children make their own aesthetic and cultural footprint.


    • CoboStories create a foundation for working with all the themes found in the educational curriculum.
    • CoboStories strengthen children’s reading and media skills, and the ability to use digital platforms.


    • CoboStories matches all the skills focused on in the 21st Century Learning Skills.


The components of the family kit are:

  • App – CoboStories (The Film Workshop)
  • 1 Tote bag
  • 1 cardboard stand
  • 1 background
  • 1 page of figures
  • 1 page of eye-stickers
  • An introduction showing how to assemble the tablet stand and use the app.

You can download
the app here:


The Movie workshop

CoboStories’ Film workshop: Make your own small animated films with CoboStories’ Film workshop. The method is simple. Find a story you would like to tell in a stop-motion film. It’s okay to seek inspiration in the stories or fairy-tales you already know. When you’re ready to tell your story, you can make a background, then choose the figures or things you wish to animate. Begin moving your objects a bit at a time, taking a picture after each move, and voilà – suddenly you have a moving picture. Furthermore, you can make pixelation, where you use your own body to make your stop-motion film.


The Film workshop is a production tool that can be used by children of all ages, though it is especially aimed at 3- to 12 year olds. The film workshop is easy to use, which means kids can use the app intuitively, with very little introduction. The film universe offers children a platform on which they can create their own aesthetic film stories, and where they can record their narration and apply a soundtrack of evocative music. The film universe can also be utilized in natural science and mathmatics to build professional skills.

The Book workshop

CoboStories’ Book workshop: Make your own picture- and sound books with CoboStories’ Book workshop. You can tell your own story in pictures and sound about anything thing that interests you. Creating your own stories and books also improves your reading and writing skills. You can take pictures, draw and write your story, and then record your story in your own voice.

The Book workshop is a play- and learning app that suits the individual child’s level and interest for playing and learning. Its universe is intended for children between the ages of 2 and 10. The app can be used in kindergartens and nursery schools, where the teachers can help the kids set a framework for their playing and learning with the book workshop.