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    Copenhagen Bombay offers courses for teachers, educators and children’s librarians in Denmark. These courses are based on the requirement of the national curriculum in daycare and in school. Copenhagen Bombay also develops models for course activities for an international market, in this development, the relevant culture of learning and specific curriculum is always taken into account.

    Contact us for further information. We will help you make the organization for courses and help you develop the concrete course fitting the curriculum in your country.

    The courses will give

    • Instructions in how to utilize the two tools to make films and books.
    • Production of your own animation film and book.
    • Introduction to how you share your animation film digitally – and book.
    • Ideas to how you can make the educational curriculum into a fun learning experience.
    • Inspiration to how you can start the narration.
    • Ideas to how you can use the story bag in employee- and parent groups.
    • Educational purposes within the bag