Copenhagen Bombay was founded in 2006 by film producer and CEO Sarita Christensen. The objective of the company’s productions is to create original content for children and young people. Copenhagen Bombay is versatile and talent-oriented, and works with a wide range of projects. All its productions are based on the following merits: originality, staying power, creativity, humor, knowledge, ownership and – not least of all – high-quality stories. Regardless of the platform, it is Copenhagen Bombay’s intention that all its stories captivate the audience on the strength of their relevance and originality.

Copenhagen Bombay Learning is one of the company’s three mainstays: Learning, Production and Sales.


The vision of Copenhagen Bombay Learning is to stimulate the naturally curious child to stay curious and to motivate curiosity so the child’s skills are strengthened in the direction of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Copenhagen Bombay Learning enhances the child’s choices for working imaginatively with storytelling ideas, which is essential for the child’s motivation and ability to seek, record and develop new knowledge on his/her own.

It is the wish of Copenhagen Bombay Learning to play a qualified and indispensable role in Danish educational initiatives that focus on strengthening the child’s development in terms of reading, as well as media and information skills. According to the Danish Education Act, these skills must be integrated in all school subjects.


The idea of creating a digital play-and-learn universe that makes it fun for kids to learn arose back in September 2010 with the launching of Carsten & Gitte, a children’s TV series featuring puppets and designed to stimulate kids’ imagination, inventiveness and entrepreneurship. The show’s figure universe is designed to inspire children’s curiosity, which is all-important in life. We proceeded to enter into a development process with BUPL (the Danish Union of Early Childhood and Youth Educators) and six municipalities (Thisted, Rudersdal, Herlev, Svendborg, Roskilde and Egedal), all of whom wanted to know about the project’s potential and therefore placed kindergartens at our disposal.


During this developmental phase, Copenhagen Bombay held workshops with teachers from 80 institutions throughout Denmark, where existing needs at kindergartens were mapped out and ideas developed in relation to teaching agendas and other demands. Thus, the first digital play-and-learn workshop was created – the Book Workshop – and the project was named Vennevillaen (the House of Friends).


In 2012, BUPL, Thisted, Herlev and Rudersdal began a pilot project to try out the Book Workshop in kindergartens. In 2013, the Municipality of Copenhagen also became a partner in the pilot project. The entire process was monitored by Syddansk Universitet (University of Southern Denmark) and its Center for Børnesprog (Center For Child Language), which was responsible for follow-up research.

Since then, Vennevillaen has developed into the project known as CoboStories, with a new, fully developed Film Workshop. In 2016, the Municipalities of Esbjerg and Greve joined the project.


In January 2015, a dialogue was established with Søren Nedergaard, director of Danske Professionshøjskoler (University Colleges Denmark – https://ucc.dk/). After preliminary meetings, a concrete dialogue about a strategic partnership regarding the development and qualification of CoboStories was initiated that involved direct contact with Søren Nedergaard, Karen-Ditte Nielsen (head of innovation, business development and fundraising at UCC), and Steen Søndergaard (associate professor of teachers’ training). In December 2015, UCC’s training division chief Anne Kjær Olsen joined the collaboration and a dialogue regarding the process of forming a strategic partnership agreement was initiated.




In May 2017, Copenhagen Bombay and UCC signed a strategic development agreement regarding the development of digital tools for children.


In the spring of 2017, Copenhagen Bombay also entered into a sales agreement with Ann Riemer, founder and partner of educational toy company Legeakademiet, to boost sales to individual customers and institutions, as well as collaborate on product development. Legeakademiet has a solid network with sales agents in Europe as well as its own set-up in Norway, where there is also interest in selling CoboStories. The sales collaboration with Legeakademiet is linked to Copenhagen Bombay’s own sales division.


http://copenhagenbombay.com/portfolio page/cobostories/




In the beginning of June 2017, Copenhagen Bombay Learning was contacted by Dusyma, a 92-year-old company that sells learning tools and products to kindergartens in Germany. In September 2017, CoboStories was announced on the German market as a forthcoming German learning concept. In connection with the Dusyma collaboration, Copenhagen Bombay has also entered into a development partnership with the German firm, Klax, an educational didactic company with focus on the playing and creative child. Among other things, the Klax partnership comprises a development process that deals with educationally supportive material for CoboStories worldwide.




CoboStories Worldwide


In 2017, Copenhagen Bombay established concrete collaboration with partners in India and China in anticipation of developing and expanding these markets within the next 2-3 years.
Other markets are forthcoming, although the next two years will focus on implementing and consolidating CoboStories in Denmark and Germany in such a way that the basis for global expansion has the best possible conditions.
Work has begun on the first upgrading of the two CoboStories apps, where a green screen will be introduced and the Book and Film Workshops will be combined in a single CoboStories app.
In addition, Copenhagen Bombay Learning is focusing on expanding CoboStories through the 8th grade, as well as serving children with particular needs, integration, inclusion and special themes.
As a learning tool, CoboStories is dedicated to promoting global 21st century learning skills such as STEAM, science, entrepreneurship, innovation and storytelling.