Get started working creatively with the CoboStories Starter Set.

In the bag you will find the nice and solid CoboStories stand, which can hold your tablet or mobile phone when you are working. You will find backgrounds and figure sheets that can support your stories as well as story cards that can give you inspiration to get started quickly.

If you need more stands and/or accessories, you can also build your very own CoboStories experience according to your needs. We have already created examples of school and institution packages that are perfect for smaller as well as larger groups of children. You are of course also welcome to contact us – then we will find a solution that suits what you need.

The starter kit contains:

  • 2D wooden stand that helps frame your story (1 pc.)
  • 3D stand (pixilation stand) in wood which helps frame your story (1 pc.)

Accessories that you can use to create your story:

  • Backgrounds for animation (3 pcs.)
  • Figure sheet (3 pcs.)
  • Sheet with adhesive eyes (1 pc.)
  • Adhesive compound (1 pc.)

Inspiration cards for use in your practice:

  • CoboStories movie cards (5 pcs.)
  • CoboStories book cards (5 pcs.)
  • ‘Wild’ cards (5 pcs.)
  • 1 month free access to CoboStories’ digital learning universe with no strings attached.*

*(after the end of the trial period the access expires automatically and you do not have to do anything)

CoboStories gives you the freedom to work creatively in your teaching.

The stand is easy to move around. It gives users the freedom to work in many different environments, – e.g. outside, on the floor, on a desk, etc. You can also place several racks together in small ‘islands’, thereby creating inspiring learning environments where you can be creative together. As a bonus, you get more movement and understanding of technology, regardless of which subject you teach.

Included content: