Now you can forget about taping your tablet to chairs, lamps and tables when you do stop-motion. CoboStories’ practical stand functions as a small film studio, where the stories can easily be framed.

Assemble the stand, throw a tablet or phone on top and you’re good to go!

See also our CoboStories Starter Set , which includes both a stand, animation accessories and 1 month’s free access to our user-friendly learning app, so you get the full CoboStories experience.

CoboStories’ beautiful stand helps you create a solid scene where students can work. When working with Stop-motion you need stability and you need something that can hold your tablet or phone in place. You get this with the CoboStories stand. It is easy to work individually, in groups of two, but also as a team around the stand. Start by assembling the stand, place your chosen background on the bottom, color and cut out character/figure sheets, and start making movies! You can put your hands in from the sides to move figure sheets and props around, and take pictures from above by placing your tablet or phone on top.


57(L)x50.5(H)x47(W) cm

2,460 kg