CoboStories’ digital learning universe



When you have a tripod, you must of course also use an app so that you can make stop-motion films. There are many stop-motion apps that you can easily use, but unfortunately they are not particularly GPDR friendly.
We have developed our own app which is GPDR safe.

In addition, our app is so user-friendly that children as young as 4 can quickly and easily make stop-motion films.

A CoboStories subscription includes:

  • Access to CoboStories’ simple and user-friendly learning app, which has 3 options;
    • The film workshop, where you can easily and quickly make super cool stop-motion films
    • The book workshop, where you can make your very own digital book by inserting images, music, drawing and writing.
    • An online library where you can watch the movies and/or digital books made via the app.
  • License for the entire school / institution. Via the administrator login, you can create as many user logins as you want.
  • Online support. You can always call or write if you need help.

The app can be used on both tablet and mobile.
*The mobile version supports the film workshop and the library.