Stop + Motion

= good approach to learning in mathematics

One of the many advantages of using stop-motion as a teaching tool is that it can help students visualize knowledge or concepts that may often be abstract or difficult to understand. A good example of this is mathematics. At CoboStories we are by no means mathematical geniuses, in fact we are probably as far from it as you can possibly get… But we are, on the other hand, quite good at stop-motion and ways in which stop-motion can be included in a teaching context to support learning.

Fraction calculation

In relation to mathematics, stop-motion can help students to physically work with mathematics, by drawing, cutting and animating the different parts.

Here there are e.g. some who have made a stop-motion film about fractions :

In the example here, it is clearly shown how a whole square can be divided into different fractions and what the different fractions are called.

Here, students get the opportunity to combine physical interaction with digital communication about their understanding of fractions.

Plus math

Another example could be this:
The film is based on a simple calculation, but helps to visualize it in a new way. Again, the physical part that students have to go through to produce such a film can help increase their understanding of how to add two numbers.

Math with movies

In addition, mathematics can also be included in the stop-motion process itself.

After all, a stop-motion film consists of a lot of images. So a task could be for the students to calculate how many FPS (frames per second) go into a film of X times the length.

Or they can work with the movement of an object in their stop-motion film.

How many frames and how much distance between each frame does it take to move an object 5 cm at 8 FPS? Or 3 FPS?

The possibilities are many, and it’s just a matter of getting started! Let the students try and you often find that the students themselves have many good suggestions for how they can work with mathematics through films.

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