Teaching outdoors can help strengthen your science teaching and inspire students’ interest in nature and science.

Because it is more than fresh air and soil under your nails that nature can contribute to your teaching.

In fact, according to the research, there is a great deal to be gained by using nature as your learning space.

Get outside to experience and learn!

Theresa Schilhab is MD, PhD, learning biologist and research leader for Natural Technology and Science Didactics and Nature Perspectives.

In addition to a fantastically long title, she is also fantastically good at conveying knowledge about the didactic use of natural spaces.

There is a lot of literature in the field, which can make it difficult to navigate.

However, this is no longer a problem, because in 2021 Theresa published the research overview Nature experiences in science education in primary school .

The research overview focuses on international studies that use experiences in nature to support science teaching.

It is therefore an obvious opportunity for practitioners within day care, primary school, youth education and higher education to use the overview to create an overview of existing research and be inspired.


Theresa describes in Nature experiences in science education in primary school that the research literature on the use of nature experiences in science education can be divided into two general didactic justifications.

One side emphasizes that science is about nature, and that science teaching that thus takes place out in nature can be angled in relation to concrete examples of natural phenomena.

The other side focuses on the fact that the best conditions for gaining insight into the scientific methods such as observations, experiments and hypothesis formation are best done out in nature.

There is a lot of exciting knowledge to be found in the Research Overview as well as concrete examples of the use of nature as a learning space.

In addition, Theresa has also, in collaboration with science teacher Bastian Kuke Larsen, described four teaching courses for primary school, which you can see and be inspired by here .


At CoboStories, we were very inspired by the idea of moving the teaching outside.

That is why we created the learning course “The living plants”, where the focus is on achieving a deeper understanding of photosynthesis through storytelling, stop-motion and most importantly, through the use of nature as our learning space.

We therefore contacted Theresa and got a lot of good input, inspiration and ideas for our teaching course.

Subsequently, we have been out to a handful of schools and held the course with both 3rd and 5th-grade students and here you can see one of the fantastic films that were made!

If you think it sounds exciting, you can read more and book a course yourself here on our website.

Nature is a unique space for immersion, play and learning! So put on your gloves or sandals (depending on the season) and off you go!

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