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We are an interactive learning universe with a focus on storytelling , stop motion and creativity . We have over 10 years of experience in developing digital learning tools and workshops for ALL subjects, and are passionate about strengthening children’s imagination and enjoyment of storytelling. Are you missing new inspiration for how you can work with stop motion and digital books in your teaching? So take a look at our SHOP – here you can easily find our popular CoboStories stand and learning app as well as book creative workshops. We always want to help you! Do you need some tips and tricks on how you can use CoboStories and digital storytelling in your own practice?


For different audiences, there are different benefits. And the benefits are great! Here you can read some examples of why CoboStories is a good tool to use for both adults and children in schools and kindergartens. CoboStories offers something that no other learning tool can.

Simple stop-motion animation tool,
that work and can be used in real classroom environments.

Helps students visualize their understanding of a topic in a fun and creative way.

Available templates with clear starting points for stories that make it easy to get started.

CoboStories gives you plenty of tools to help you in your educational work with children aged 4-12.


The children take responsibility for their own stories and place themselves in the world.

Social development

Let the children work in groups and watch their social skills develop.

Communication & Language

It requires language and communication skills. With digital storytelling, children can use the language they have - and use it to express themselves.

Body & Movement

With CoboStories, you're on the move all the time. You have to work on moving small objects and your body is constantly activated!

Outdoor activities

Take your storytelling outside and work with the CoboStories book or film workshop in nature or on the playground.

Aesthetic development

What do I like? Why do I like it? How do I like it? The children learn to ask questions about what they think, think and feel.

Pedagogical curriculum

Learn letters and words. Learn about numbers and sequences. Learn geometric shapes.


Here you can find longer articles on the theory behind all the big promises. You can learn about how to work with creative processes, you can get links to good tools and learn much more about CoboStories learning process

Traditional learning most often consists of what we know as ‘ass-to-bench teaching’ or ‘gasstation-pedagogy’ …

Stop-motion animation is a series of individual images that are played one after the other

Teaching outdoors can help strengthen your science teaching and inspire students’ interest in nature and science.

One of the many advantages of using stop-motion as a teaching tool is that it can help students visualize knowledge or concepts that may often be abstract or difficult to understand.