The creators of CoboStories is Copenhagen Bombay. Copenhagen Bombay was founded in 2006 by film producer and CEO, Sarita Christensen. The Company’s goal is to create original content for children and young people. The Company is a versatile and talent-oriented company, which works with a wide range of projects. All productions are based on the following values: Originality, long-term durability, creativity, humor, knowledge, ownership, and last but not least, high-quality stories. Regardless of the platform, it is the intention that all Copenhagen Bombay stories should capture the audience by virtue of their relevance and original narrative.

Copenhagen Bombay Learning is one of the Company’s three values, namely: Learning, Production, and Sales.


Copenhagen Bombay’s Learnings vision is to stimulate the naturally inquisitive child to persistently be motivated by curiosity so that the child’s competencies are strengthened towards creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Copenhagen Bombay Learning recognizes the child’s ability to work creatively and innovatively with ideas for narrative, which are crucial to the child’s motivation and ability to seek out, adapt and develop new knowledge by itself. Copenhagen Bombay wishes to play a qualified and indispensable role in the Danish learning facilities that focus on strengthening children’s formation within reading as well as in media and information skills.

According to the National Schools Act, these competencies must be integrated into all subjects taught.



The idea of creating a digital playing and learning universe, which makes it fun for children to learn, originates back to September 2010 and is based on the kids’ friends the dolls, Carsten & Gitte as assistants and practitioners of imagination, entrepreneurial spirit and enterprise. The figurative universe inspires children to curiosity, which is the most important thing in life. We engaged in a development course with BUPL (The Danish Federation of early childhood teachers and youth educators) and 6 Danish municipalities, all of which were curious about the potential of the project and therefore offered daycare and pre-school institutions in which to test the universe.


During this development, Copenhagen Bombay held workshops with educators from 80 institutions across the country, where existing needs in daycare and pre-school institutions were mapped and ideas developed in relation to curricula and requirements.


Thus, the first digital play and learning workshop was created: The Book Workshop and the project was named FriendVilla.

Since then, FriendVilla has developed into the CoboStories project and a new workshop has been developed, namely the Film Workshop. When children work with the digital stories in the Book Workshop and in the Film Workshop coupled with the physical elements the children create with their bodies and their learning thus becomes bodily anchored, which is a particular ideal educational and didactic learning form.


In January 2015, a dialogue with UCC was established. After preliminary meetings, a concrete dialogue on a strategic partnership with UCC https://ucc.dk/  about development and qualification of CoboStories begun. In May of 2017, Copenhagen Bombay and UCC signed a strategic development agreement on further development of digital tools for children.



The media authorities in Baden-Württemberg follow CoboStories and have even informed the German Ministry of Culture about the Learning Universe. CoboStories is seen as a pioneering example of a learning tool for the German institutions. In 2017, Copenhagen Bombay is contacted by Dusyma, Germany’s oldest and most serious sales company with regards to the selling of playing- and learning tools and products to Kindergartens in Germany. In the Spring of 2018 CoboStories is a reality on the German market.

So, in conjunction with Dusyma’s cooperation, Copenhagen Bombay has entered into a development cooperation with the German company, Klax. Klax being a pedagogical didactic company focusing on the playful and creative child. The partnership with Klax is a design process about the educational support material for CoboStores worldwide.


Copenhagen Bombay has already since the very first launch of Cobostores established partnerships in India and China with a view to further develop and roll out onto these markets within 2-3 years.

Several other markets are their way; however, the next two years will focus on implementing and consolidating CoboStories in Denmark and Germany so that the foundation for a global rollout has the best possible conditions.


CoboStories next step

Work is already commencing on the first upgrade of the two CoboStories apps, where a green screen is introduced. CoboStories focusing on children’s breakfast habits is on its way in collaboration with Hello Kitchen and the Ministry of Education.


The focus is on the development of an extension of CoboStories to several grade levels. For children with special needs, integration and focus on special themes and areas of action.


CoboStories as a learning tool invites to and can target future global competencies such as STEAM, Science, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Storytelling. For further reference please also visit: http://info.21skills.dk


If you are an organization, educational institution or research project and are interested in a corporation with Copenhagen Bombay about CoboStories please do not hesitate to contact us for a dialogue about this.