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is easy to apply in your teaching. You do not need any skills or or experience – just a little curiosity will get you started! Soon you’ll see that your students can work on their own – and they will start producing small animation movies or short digital books – and only their imagination sets the limit! As an educator you will be able to include your chosen subject matters in new and engaging ways – and without a lot of time spent preparing. CoboStories comes with full fledged courses built in, in a variety of subject and targeting kids from age 3 and up to 12. Students across age groups also benefit from creating together with CoboStories! In our experience both teachers and kids who thell their stories through CoboStories experience great succes!


How to create CoboStories movies

The Film Workshop allows the kids to create their own small animationmovies using the stop motion animation technique. The method is simpel. The students create a story, that they wish to make an animation about. They choose or create backgrounds and characters. Now they are ready to start production! They set the scene and start moving their characters to the story. Small motions, take a picture, a little more motion, take a picture. Repeat the process untill the movie is done. They can also create pixilation, where the whole body can be used for animation!


The Film Workshop is easy to use. This ensures that the students easily and intuitively are able to use the app with very little – or even no instruction necessary. The Film Workshop offers the kids a platform from which they can start creating their own artistic storytelling. The stories can even include music or their own voices as an overlay.


How to create CoboStories pixilation movies

The Book Workshop allows the students to create their own stories in books using text, sound and images. This helps them train important reading and writing skills. They are able to use the camera in the tablet to take pictures, they can draw or write on them and the text can also be read aloud and recorded using the kids own voices

The Book Workshop is an educational app, that closely matches the individual users own interest in – and skillset of – learning.

The CoboStories animationstand is testet with children all the way down to age 3. It is easy to assemble, and offers a stable workplace for the kids to use. It works outside aswell as inside. When you bring the stand outdoors it is simple to get both movement and nature included in your everyday teaching!

The inspiration cards included with every CoboStories bag are all produced by teachers and set the stage for further exploration and teaching within subject the kids already work with. The cards are also a great tool for teachers to get started – and provides the inspiration needed!




How to create CoboStories pixilation movies

Experience shows us, that the link between having a physical experience while also having a digital one strengthens the childs awareness in the development of their storytelling skills. Creating stop motion animation is a prime example of this link. By having to physically move characters and objects around to create the motion that the kid wants for their story, the awareness around this action – and the importance it has for the story, becomes much more apparent and the child is visually able to see the story unfolding. This strengthens the focus on the construction of a story. The kids have to mediate their ideas and stories from one medium onto another – from written or spoken and onto a film or book form. In this proces their story attains new meaning and the understanding of it grows! This creates excellent learning opportunities as this form of learning is so persistent.



The inspirationcards in the CoboStories bags, challenges and inspireres the stories, the kids develop when working in a CoboStories environment. The stories can move freely in any direction, the child chooses. This focus on inspirationcards is very well suited to develop language cometencies both written and orally as the children can visualize the words and phrases they do not know by working with stop motion as a medium. This technique is being used to in several partner schools with great succes!


Children learnby creating their own stories, learning by doing so to speak. When the child continually experiences new sides to the creative process, it creates an optimum breeding ground for new learning. To stay motivated the child should feel that it is able to master the tasks set planned togehter with the teacher. It becomes obvious to both child and teacher when this is the case – or maybe even more when it is not the case – when working with CoboStories and the Cobo Learning Proces ™.  As a teacher you can then constantly look at the childs proces and challenge them where it makes the most sense and creates the most learning. Because CoboStories is so visual in its form, this becomes readily apparent as you work. This proces ensures that the teaching takes on a form which motivates and teaches all children – namely play.


CoboStories educational universe starts where the children are every single day – the digital world. It is a very conscious decision that CoboStories brings together digital and physical learning. Surveys show us that this link creates an optimal form of learning. This is called aesthetic learning, bringing together the childs physical and bodily action to enhance the cognitive perception. In this process, where the physical doing comes before the mental recognition, we create a platform for learning that creates greater chances of retention and recognition

”Children learn in an active way in the interaction with their surroundings. Touching things that they see, interacting with them, has influence on the childs development, both their perception and their sensory recognition – which are closely linked.” (Søndergaard, 2007)


The social competencies are trained, as the children train together in small groups when they work with CoboStories. By doing this we create knowledge and link that to a social realtion as it happens. The childrens own reflection on this creates social interaction and allow the children to develop through collaboration and communication. Negotiations occur and the childrens own perceptions are challenged and strengthened by this. Negotiation in a creative process also is a great tool for strengthening the childrens language and communication skills.

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