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Hello – and welcome to CoboStories.

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Remember to watch all the movies on this page – and that with CoboStories you can make all the movies you dream of – with the children that surround you.


easy to use in teaching. No experience and knowledge is required to get started. Students will very quickly be self-reliant and be able to produce small creative films or books where only the imagination sets limits. As a teacher, you will be able to involve your subjects in a new and exciting way that does not necessarily require the great preparation. It is aimed at everyone regardless of the professional level. Students across yeargroups benefit greatly from the interaction and not least the cooperation on various topics that can be worked on. Our experience is that children and teachers experience success when they tell their story through CoboStories.


In the Film Workshop, students can make their own small animation films – stop-motion movies. The method is simple. Students create a story they want to make as stop-motion movies. One or more backgrounds are made, then shapes or things to animate are selected. Now recordings can go ahead. Shapes move a little and pictures are taken, etc. – with a small stop-motion film as a result. Pixelation can also be made where the body is used to make a stop motion film.


The film workshop is easy to access, which means that students can intuitively use the app with very little introduction. The film workshop offers students a platform from which to create their own aesthetic film narratives, where they can record their story and put evocative music over.


In the Book Workshop, students can create their own stories and books in text, images and sound while training their literacy skills. Students can take photos, draw and write stories and eventually the text can be recorded.

The book workshop is a learning app that suits each child’s level and interest in learning.

The CoboStories stand has been tested with children as young as 3 years old. It’s easy to assemble and solid to work around. It can be used both inside and outside where nature and movement can be included in the teaching.

The inspiration cards are designed for evaluation and for further work on already learned academic material. Each inspiration card is provided with relevant competence and learning goals. The inspiration cards can – as the name suggests – also be used as inspiration for developing your own cards.




Experience has shown that the link between the physical learning material and the digital increases the child’s attention to the development of the narrative. A good example of this is the child playing and learning with stop-motion. By physically having to move his characters around to create the planned narrative process, the child becomes extra aware of the narrative’s progress and construction. The child must, so to speak, “mediate” his idea and story into a new medium where their narrative takes on new meaning. This makes the child aware of their own learning, creating an ideal form of learning, as learning is persistent.



The bag’s inspiration card challenges and inspires the stories that the children develop in the course, so that the stories can develop in new directions. The narrative bag’s focus on inspiration cards is suitable as language training and is used in similar form, successfully, in several schools.


The child learns by creating his own stories, learning by doing. When the child learns new aspects of a creative process, the child creates an optimal basis for learning. To maintain the motivation to tell, the child must feel that it is mastering the tasks they themselves and the educator set together. This means that as an educator you must always take the child’s level into account and respect their wishes and support the stories the child wants to tell. In this way, as far as possible, the various processes and products are made on the child’s premises. And in doing so, you maintain the child’s motivation for learning – and play.


CoboStories learning universe is based where the children are every day, namely on the digital platforms. It is highly premeditated, when CoboStories connects digital learning with the physical. The studies of CoboStories have shown that this coupling creates an optimal form of learning. The form of learning is called aesthetic learning, where the child’s bodily and physical act, sharpens its mental, cognitive realization. This thus constitutes a particularly successful learning, since the bodily experience comes before the mental.

“Children learn in an active way in interaction with the environment. Touching things that they see and acting with them has an impact on the child’s development, including their knowledge and sensory perception, which is closely related.” (Søndergaard, 2007)


The social skills are trained, in what the children create together in practice-related communities. The quality consists in knowledge arising from the practice of the social relationship. The children’s shared reflections create social interaction, where children develop together through communication. There is negotiation where their reflection rooms are constantly challenged and strengthened. The negotiations in the creative process also contribute to strengthening the children’s linguistic competences.

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    Hand-drawn wallpapers, characters, stickers (eyes) - everything you need for your own animations!

    Make stop-motion movies

    With the FilmWorkshop you can record your own stop motion movies!

    Digital books

    With the BookWorkshop you can produce and publish digital books!

    Design Thinking

    Work with creative processes and structures

    The 4 C's

    Work with 'The 4 C's of 21st-century learning skills': Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Collaboration

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    You can download and share the amazing productions - easy and simple.

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    Allows children to tell their own stories and create their own universes

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